Choosing the right punching bag for your needs and goals can be a difficult task. If you have just started boxing using our beginner’s guide or you’re even dipping your toes into the world of boxing, either as a sport or for fitness, buying a bag may seem pretty simple – you just grab one of those hanging bags and some gloves and start punching, right? We wish it was that easy! Choosing the right punching bag is actually a lot more important than just purchasing one from your local sports store – that’s where we come in! We have put together the ultimate guide to choosing the right punching bag for Muay Thai so you can achieve your fitness goals and maximise your boxing abilities.



While there are various types of bags such as uppercut bags and wall bags, you’re more than likely looking for the perfect hanging bag or freestanding bag, so for the purpose of this article, we will be guiding you in the right direction to choose the perfect hanging bag or freestanding bag for Muay Thai.

Freestanding bags are perfect if you don’t have a strong support in your house or garage to support a hanging bag, such as a steel beam that won’t bring the roof down when you hang on it. Freestanding bags are usually filled with sand or water, and can be easily relocated. Free-standing bags are more suitable for practicing low kicks for sports such as Muay Thai.

Hanging bags need to be hung and are great for mimicking an opponent when it is hit. They can withstand a fair amount of impact and can be used for punching and kicking, opposed to Freestanding bags that are more suitable for just kicking.



The age old question: how heavy should my punching bag be? This all depends on your goals. If you’re looking to engage in speed-focused boxing workouts which require agility, a light boxing bag is perfect for you. This is because a light boxing bag swings more, which allows you to move your body around it appropriately, and it also gives less resistance on the body.

A heavier bag is more appropriate for athletes looking to put more stress on the body. If you have a heavier build or you’re a more developed boxer, a heavy bag may be perfect for you.

Generally speaking, you should opt for a punching bag that is half your weight. For example, if you weigh 80kgs, ensure your punching bag is at least 40kg. When you’re practicing Muay Thai, you want to attack the entire body of the bag so a traditional heavy bag will probably be the best place to start.



Glad you asked! Now that you know the right bag for Muay Thai, you need to get geared up. This means investing in the correct gloves and hand wraps. We also suggest further equipment if you want to practice Muay Thai with kick pads and a partner instead.



Muay Thai gloves should have adequate padding to protect your hands, wrist support and be a comfortable fit. As for material, real leather is more durable, breathable and feels better on your hands. For a pair of good quality gloves, it may cost you more than a pair of normal gloves at Rebel Sport. We suggest investing in our Ace Ill Fortune Boxing Gloves. These are made of 100% premium cow hide leather and are designed to slide on and off with minimal effort.



If you’re training with a partner, you’re more than likely looking for a pair of user-friendly mitts. Mitts are a great alternative to a punching bag, as your partner can move around, allowing you to work on your footwork technique. Fairtex’s Angular Focus Mitts are designed with sandwich fabric to release heat, and have targets to be used for one-two punch.


Ankle Support

Ankle supports are great if you’re either an advanced Muay Thai athlete, have weak ankles or have an existing ankle injury. Ankle supports provide joint protection and can help prevent sports injuries if you’re working on becoming a Muay Thai expert. Fairtex’s Ankle Supports are thick and durable and perfect for supporting your fancy footwork.


May as well look the part!

We can’t let you practice Muay Thai without looking the part! We stock an assortment of Muay Thai shorts to encourage stability and flexibility while training, such as our Ace Camo Muay Thai Shorts. Made from thick smooth satin and an extra thick elastic and drawstring waistband, these shorts are perfect for maximum movement.


Now, you have all the necessary information to not only choose your Muay Thai punching bag, but also the additional equipment Muay Thai experts utilise to enable maximum flexibility, movement and effectiveness. Remember, if you’re new to boxing in general, make sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide to Boxing (in lockdown) so you can utilise your home while working toward your personal fitness goals. Happy boxing!