When it comes to boxing gear the first thought are gloves, which is reasonable – but for a lot, the thought stops there. In our experience we have a few people ask us, “won’t running shoes, or cross-trainers do the same thing?”

For the most part if you’re boxing you need a boxing boot. This footwear is crafted to meet the needs of any boxer and support your foot and relevant joints through specific movements that they endure through the sport. 

Sport-specific design is a big point to be made, each sport utilises the body in its unique way and as such the shoes worn by each athlete will differ. 

In basketball, thicker soles are used to support the motion of jumping as this is a major movement performed with a lot of frequency. Whereas, running shoes are crafted to support those who move forward on a straight plane. Wrestling shoes provide balance but have great grip on their soles to help execute and evade takedowns. All these specifications match the requirements for each respective sport, but they won’t help a boxer. 

Boxing boots should provide:


There’s a real sweet spot to found here, a boxing boot needs to support a fighter’s balance as well as their freedom to move with lightning speed. Therefore, too little traction can lead to slips, and amid a fight against a tough opponent, this is a recipe for disaster. And too much traction makes executing proper footwork difficult, resulting in improper form.

Most boxing boots will meet this challenge by applying a thin gum-style of rubber. This provides enough grip to prevent trips and falls but also allows a boxer to stay grounded in their movements and execute proper footwork without resistance.

Ankle Support:

Amid our almost 30 years of experience, we’ve seen high-top boxing boots reign supreme among the sport’s range of footwear. The cut provides fantastic ankle and even shin support which is great when executing manoeuvres, shifts, and pivots. Additionally, the shoe provides support across multiple planes of motion as opposed to other sport shoes that are limited in this regard.

The boxing boot has developed tremendously over the years, as back in the 1980s a boxer’s footwear would’ve predominately been leather, not offering the greatest support. But fast forward and these days they’re made from up to 90% lightweight materials, providing a boxer with greater support as well as the freedom for agile and fast movements.

Breathability and Comfort:

Whether you in the middle of a match, training, or sparring session it’s a terrible feeling when your feet, socks, and shoes are drenched in sweat. Breathability is massive to allow for proper airflow and acts as a preventative measure from this. Additionally, utilising a lighter material can also help with staying light on your feet, not sacrificing mobility and agility.

Further to this, boxing boots tend to be designed to eliminate distraction too and what we mean by this is having a comfortable boot. With a comfortable boot, there’s no irritation, accumulated sweat, uncomfortable seams, and anything in between. Utilising these lightweight and durable materials prevents these impediments, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Grabbing a pair of quality boots can be the thing that helps elevate your game – we’re firm believers!

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Until then, happy boxing!