All around the world and our country, Australians are spending more time at home than ever, so why not learn how to box at home? Whether you’re following Melbourne’s strict lockdown laws, stuck in a hotel room in quarantine, or simply avoiding being out in public for your own health and safety, you can use your limited space to learn how to box at home and get your daily exercise in. While some Australians are taking this time to learn a language or spring clean their pantry, we can’t think of a better time to create your own home boxing gym experience. Boxing will not only help you burn fat (we see you eating that block of Cadbury chocolate), but it is one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular health, and it can be a lot easier than it may seem; you just have to get started! That’s why we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to boxing in lockdown. We have all the essentials you need to have the ultimate home boxing gym experience in your own space, and where to go to learn the basics.


1. Know your starting point

While you can definitely buy a bunch of gear and just start punching a bag, we can assure you it won’t be much fun if you a) don’t know how to move your body correctly and b) are not fit enough.

If you haven’t had your heart rate above resting in a couple of months, or even years, it’s time to get in good condition. YouTube has an abundance of home workout videos, usually with no equipment, so you can improve your endurance before you start shadow boxing or hitting a bag.

If you’re confident in your condition, but you have never stood in a boxing stance or practiced any sort of shadow boxing, we recommend checking out these YouTube videos to get you started:


2. Equipment for boxing beginners

So you have practiced some shadow boxing and your cardio is looking better than ever, now what? This is where our boxing at home guide really begins. You need the correct equipment that won’t break the bank, and we have all the equipment to get you started,


Gloves and Wraps

To begin learning how to box at home, you need heavy bag gloves and hand wraps to protect your knuckles. Our black hand wraps are perfect for beginners as they don’t require any tape or hand wrapping knowledge. Just slide them on!

There are plenty of different gloves on the market – for your boxing at home you will need heavy bag gloves. These are made with a dense foam so their padding doesn’t break down when you hit a heavy bag. These slide on over your hand wraps, so your knuckles have double protection. Our Punch Bag Busters Mitts come in a range of sizes and feature a 3-inch wrist wrap which provides additional wrist support.


Heavy Bag

A heavy bag is essential for all beginner boxers, but it can be confusing to choose the right one for you. You will find heavy bags come in all kinds of material – if you are a beginner a heavy-duty vinyl bag will do the trick for starting out. When it comes to the weight of the bag, we recommend choosing a bag that is half of your body weight. You will also find you can choose between a hanging or freestanding heavy bag. For beginners, we recommend a hanging bag (if you have somewhere to install it) as the swing makes it easier to establish your stance.


Jump Rope

Jump ropes are great for coordination and stamina and are an easy warm-up and cool-down activity. We recommend our great quality and inexpensive jump rope for beginners.



When you begin your boxing journey, you may realise many at-home boxing workouts use timers. This is so you can workout in intervals to improve your cardiovascular health and allow you to rest for the appropriate amount of time. While you can use your phone, we recommend the Gymbox Minimax Interval Timer so you don’t get distracted by your phone.


Speed Bag (optional)

Speed bags are an optional addition to your boxing journey at home. They are great to increase your speed and hand eye coordination, but they require additional space and installation. We recommend working on your heavy bag skills first before you introduce a speed bag into your boxing workout at home. Once you are ready, we recommend our Everlast Speed Ball.


3. Start boxing!

So you’re standing in your garage surrounded by all your new boxing gear, feeling absolutely pumped to get started, but you don’t know how to. No worries, Mike Tyson has your back! Check out the video below to learn how to get started with your new equipment. Work Train Fight also has a wide range of beginner videos so you can learn how to box at home.



Lockdown, quarantine, or just exercising at home just got even better with our beginner’s guide to boxing at home! Once you establish your starting point with your technique and condition, we’re here for you! At Boxing Gloves Online, we’ve been into fight sports since 1992. We know boxing gear, and our customers are treated like family. We know how important your health is to you, and we want to be a part of every aspect of your boxing journey. If you need additional support starting your boxing journey at home, reach out to us personally at or call Ralph on 0412 804 720.