There is a big difference between boxing casually as a form of exercise, sparring, right up to throwing punches in a match scenario. As the level of experience changes and increases, so does the necessary gear to be used. Boxers at an advanced level require skill in combination with the appropriate equipment to protect and enhance their performance. Read on and let us help prepare you with the right suited gear for advanced level boxing. From gloves to boots, scroll through the list and make sure you have all bases covered.


Put a glove on it

The perfect pair of gloves is vital, especially if you are using them at an advanced level. With SO many types and brands of boxing gloves on the market, it can be overwhelming and daunting to find the glove that ‘fits’ you best. Do not fret, we are here to help you out. When on the shop for boxing gloves keep in mind these 3 holy grail features and you will be good to go.

1. 10-ounce or 12-ounce gloves

Most people do not even realise that boxing gloves come in a range of different weights depending on the activity to be carried out. For real fight scenarios, the most common weight of boxing gloves is 10 or 12-ounce gloves. The 16oz are used for sparring. The reason behind this is all to do with the level of resistance provided by the glove. For example, a 12-ounce boxing glove is much lighter than a 16-ounce boxing glove meaning it provides lower resistance when throwing punches and ultimately less fatigue during a match. Gloves that provide more resistance are more commonly used in training to help build muscle leading up to a match.

2. Lace-Up instead of Velcro

Although both great options, boxers often find that lace-up gloves provide a more secure fit compared to boxing gloves with a Velcro strap. Of course, everything comes down to the individual boxer, but lace-up boxing gloves have a range of unquestionable positives including; they can be tightened for the perfect glove fit, wrists are usually padded which increases comfort and protection level and they are often less bulky compared to Velcro gloves. Yes, you will need someone to tie the laces for you, but if you are boxing at an advanced level you are most likely with a trainer, manager or the like anyway.

3. Attached thumb

An important safety feature you should be looking out for in boxing gloves is an attached thumb. Attached thumbs in boxing gloves mean that the thumb is connected to the fingers by a piece of leather. This feature helps keep the thumb from getting bent and twisted, when throwing punches with such force, ultimately preventing injury.


Hand wraps and tape

A useful accessory to get if you are boxing at an advanced level are hand wraps and tape. They are worn underneath boxing gloves to further support the wrists, knuckles and joints of the hands. More specifically, they are worn to secure the joints in the hand and help the shock after a punch distributes through the hand. In addition to this, hand wraps and tape also add extra protection for the thumbs. Although hand wraps and tape assist in protecting already weak areas of the hand, they also assist in preventing further injury. Hand wraps are typically made of cloth whereas tape is well tape. It comes down to personal preference on which is used BUT one or the other should always be worn when boxing at advanced or competition level.


Protect those pearly whites

The number 1 rule of boxing…ALWAYS wear a mouthguard. Although it seems obvious, this list would be incomplete without the mention of the importance of mouth guards. Whether you are training or competing, your teeth should always be protected to avoid any sport-related impacts or injuries to the teeth. Receiving a tough blow to the mouth could cause an array of issues such as chipped and even knocked out teeth. Further to this, it could also result in more serious tissue trauma to the gum, lip, and mouth area in general.  There are mouthguards on the market specifically for boxing. There are pre-made mouthguards as well as custom mouthguard’s that can be made to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly. This is the more popular option especially for more advanced and professional boxers. Prevention rather than reaction is always the mindset to have in boxing…especially when it comes to your head and face.



Boxing boots

Fancy footwork in the boxing ring is not complete without boxing boots. Slim and smooth in design, boxing boots should feel light and give you the ability to move quickly and swiftly in the ring without the feeling of wearing bulky shoes. In addition to this, boxing boots also provide a firm sense of grip without hindering your ability to move easily around the ring and your opponent. The reinforced back heel design also adds additional support and ankle stability to help keep you high on your toes.


So there you have it, the top necessary items you should absolutely own if you are boxing at an advanced or professional level. With this list, it should prepare you and your body for sparring and real match scenarios. Purchasing the correct gear although may be expensive is extremely worth your while. Investing in yourself and your health and safety is essential and the absolute KEY to the longevity of your boxing career.